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Sniper & Covert Observer
Lightweight, Rapid Deployable Concealment Systems

Compact multi-functional concealment systems that create an instant one-way visual barrier offering the user total dominance in seconds.


UHC products are designed and developed by covert forward observation and direct-action veterans, this ensures our products are fit-for-purpose and reliable in the most complexed operational environments.

Our Specialist Product:

  • Scalable Building concealment systems
  • Vehicle concealment systems
  • Specialist climbing & access equipment
  • Remote triggers & alerting ground sensors
  • Technical camera optics and transmission systems


UHC training programmes are delivered to small teams tasked with intelligence & evidence collection, defensive and direct action missions. Our courses combine organic and technical observation techniques in urban environments.

Our Training Programmes:

  • Covert Urban Observation Post – Tactical Package
  • Intelligence Through Imagery – Technical Package
  • Urban Sniper – Advanced Tactical Deployment
  • Covert Method of Entry Techniques
  • Silent Breaching for Tactical Teams


UHC is proud of its own intellectual properties, we design, develop, and manufacture our products in-house ensuring they are fit-for-purpose when used in real-life situations. Innovation is a key driver of UHC, we thrive on working closely with our end-users in solving their problems which creates tomorrow’s solutions.

Complete information about our specialised products and training programmes can be found within our secure website – login or register.
Urban Hide Concepts will only work within professional remits.

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Manufactured in the United Kingdom